Success Stories

Private Sessions:” Oshana customizes her treatments to respond to the unique needs and temperament of her clients in a very positive way. She has a “toolbox” of approaches and techniques to support us from a variety of angles:  physical therapy, pilates, QiGong, Trinfinity8, aromatherapy, nutrition, and massage. And she draws upon these practices and media in a sensitive and intelligent way to help her clients build on our strengths and become our best selves. Most important, Oshana has strong and beautiful “healing hands” and a kind and caring heart.”


Standard Process Purification Program: “I am on day 2 of a 21 day cleanse with the help of my Health Coach, Oshana.  She is an expert at getting to the heart of the matter, whether it is weight, diet, recovery or fitness you are wanting to fine tune. She is helping me step by step through the program to make it as easy and effortless as possible. I see this 21 days as a chance to reset my diet, exercise and quality of life. I am already feeling the effects of this powerful change in just 2 days. What if you could change your entire health in just 21 days and create new habits, crave healthy foods and tone your body?”

– Clifford, Life Coach

Standard Process Purification Program: Oshana, Thank you for your amazing support through the SP 21 day cleanse.  It is something I would recommend to anyone looking for purification of body and mind 🙂


MILA by Lifemax: “I came to see Oshana because i had excruciating pain in my thumb, and pain in multiple other joints in my body. Along with some bodywork techniques and ultrasound to my thumb, she suggested I increase my daily intake of MILA to 2 scoops, and within a week my body pain was under control.”

-Gerry, Captain

Qigong Class: Oshana’s  class did wonders for me today. I came in bummed out and after class I felt readjusted. I enjoy Oshana’s QiGong class everytime, and how it lifts my body and spirit.

– Joy

Physical Therapy Session: My neck locked up with pain and limited range of motion suddenly. I received 1 session with Oshana which really helped me out. My neck pain improved 75%  by the next day, and moving much easier. I will definately return for more sessions to address other bodily pains with Oshana’s care. Thanks for helping me out.