Massage & Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage   Relieve stress and deeply relax with a warm healing touch. An integrated blend of swedish, deep tissue and acupressure to restore, balance, and re-energize your entire body.

1 Hour: $90

1.5 Hour: $135 

Deep Tissue Massage   A penetrating massage to release the deeper layers of muscle tension. Firm touch to key pressure points relieves spasms and breaks up adhesions, leaving you feeling deeply refreshed.

1 Hour: $100

1.5 Hour: $150


Raindrop Therapy   Aroma-Therapeutic Bodywork

Promotes structural and energetic alignment

This technique is pleasantly aromatic, relaxing, balancing, invigorating, and detoxifying.  It is an excellent compliment to any wellness program or specific for spine care.

An application of therapeutic essential oils are applied along your spine, gently massaged into muscles, followed by a warm soothing compress, stretches and energetic balancing.

90 minutes: $150


swirling lotusShiatsu and Reiki 

Both Shiatsu and Reiki work with the energy circulatory system, the meridian system. The word “Reiki” is a Japanese term meaning ” universal life energy”. The practitioner places their hands on various parts of your body to balance and improve energy flow. Shiatsu is a type of deep acupressure, providing a good stretch to the muscles. Both treatments are done fully clothed without oils or lotions.

Shiatsu: $100 /hr    

Reiki: $90/hr 

Combination: $100/hr