Sara S’Jegers- Bodywork Highlighted this February Month

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February Highlighted Practitioner

Sara S’Jegers

Introducing Sara and her signature bodywork now at SHA. February, book your 1st introductory massage with 20% off 60 minutes $125, now $99, or 90 minutes $175, now $145. Originally from Belgium, Sara now resides in Marin. We are thrilled to have her sensitive touch and presence at SHA and welcome you to experience her work first hand.

And from the Artist:

I have been a massage practitioner for over 8 years. After massaging thousands of people, bodywork still inspires me for its simple yet revolutionary capacity to soothe even the most jangled nervous system and for its potential to bring us back to our senses. 

I bring both 500+ hours of training and a beginner’s mind to the massage table. My touch is soothing yet firm. Each of my massages bathes in the nourishing and restorative magic of the Esalen style, and is infused by Deep Bodywork, Thai massage, Shiatsu, & Reiki. 

Each session is guided by my intention to reconnect you with joy, flow, inspiration, self-love. My work encourages your body-mind-spirit to self-heal, as they are inclined to do. While the process is magical, the result is powerfully tangible. You re-emerge with a sense of fluid muscles, solid bones, clear spirit. 

“For every person who chooses to restore peace in their own bodies, healing and peace ripple out into this touch deprived and rat race world. For that reason alone, taking the time for intentional touch is nothing less than a small act of revolution