We are a dynamic team of practitioners offering conventional and holistic approaches to physical rehabilitation, somatic education, structural &energetic balancing promoting your optimal health and well-being. With diverse skills and backgrounds, each of our seasoned practitioners are here to support you along your path!


Oshana Biondi, PT

Founding Owner of Sausalito Healing Arts

Physical Therapy, Pilates Instruction, Integrative Bodywork, QiGong, Nutrition Programs, and Special Events Coordinator


Associate Practitioners

Sara S’Jegers

Massage and Bodywork

Signature blend of Esalen massage, Deep Bodywork, Shiatsu, Reiki, Thai



Celine Combet

Spiritual Life Coach


Meditation and Energetic Healing Courses



Cheryl Burney

Strength and Movement Training

Pilates with Purpose



Katie Sabin

Medium and Spiritual Coach

Intuitive Tune-Ups,

Readings & Healing



Mary Destri

Shiatsu and Reiki Energetic Balancing



Nania Merkley, CMT

Massage & Bodywork

Integrated blend of Acupressure, Swedish,

Deep Tissue, & Stress Relief