Gail Zaccai Esh, L.Ac offers Acupuncture Services at SHA

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Gail Zaccai

A warm welcome back to Gail Zaccai Esh, L. Ac after her maternity leave, now ready to be of service with her Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practices. 

Meet Gail: An entrepreneur with a successful consulting business, Gail switched career paths to practice Chinese Medicine after receiving a seemingly miraculous acupuncture treatment that completely alleviated the debilitating knee and back pain she had been experiencing. Combining her love of sports and Chinese Medicine, Gail specializes in sports injuries and orthopedics, with an avid interest in fertility issues that Chinese medicine has great success in treating. A mother of identical twin boys, Gail has firsthand experience with the benefits of acupuncture for pregnancy support, labor as well as post partum support.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture techniques have been around for thousands of years healing and helping people to find better balance for better health. In TCM, all illnesses, pain and health problems are due to imbalances in the body of either Qi, blood, yin, yang, hot, cold, excess or deficiency.

TCM uses both acupuncture and herbology to restore balance to the body’s systems. In TCM, Qi is described as the vital life energy that flows through the body and all living things. When the Qi and blood aren’t flowing smoothly, the body is out of balance and the whole arena of health problems can arise.

Acupuncture and herbs can directly influence this flow of Qi to get the body back into balance and maximize the body’s own functions and healing capabilities.

Gail is available by appointment, call Sausalito Healing Arts to schedule your private session – 415.332.6061

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