Dermoneuromodulation (DNM) for the Spine and Pelvis with Jeff Rockwell and Julie Porter; October 14-15

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Dermoneuromodulation (DNM) for the Spine and Pelvis Saturday/Sunday October 13 and 14th,  9 AM to 4PM each day with Dr. Jeffrey Rockwell and Julie Porter

This workshop is an exciting way to learn to work with the spine and pelvis. We are utilizing Dermoneuromoduation (DNM) techniques to provide a connection in a non-threating way to these two amazing areas of the body. Two areas a large amount of our clients / patients complain about. You will be showed different ways to deal with pelvic floor dysfunction, sciatic nerve problems, low back pain, mid back pain and much more.

Massage therapists, earn your CEU credits with this course.

DNM is a gentle method of interacting with patients and clients to help them resolve pain, regain function, and feel better in their lives. It is a pain-free technique that places little physical demand on the client or the therapist. While DNM may be combined with other modalities, based as it is in modern Neuroscience, it represents a shift in perspective. It is important to understand that pain and muscular tension or not evils to be banished, but are instead protective responses produced by the nervous system. Of these protective responses, the motor aspects are muscle tightness, postural guarding, and restricted range of motion— physically, as well as emotionally. The sensory experience is pain or some other discomfort. These may persist long after any injury or danger has passed. If we make the nervous system feel safe, however, it often abandons the protective responses.

DNM employs gentle stretching over specific nerves, for specific complaints or conditions. In this weekend workshop, practitioners well learn how to treat sensitized or irritated nerves relating to headaches, neck pain, whiplash, low back pain, and pelvic floor pain. Somatic movement to assist the patient in enhancing the treatment at home will also be taught.

For more information, and to register, please go to the website

Registration is open. Course fee is $350. 

Dr. Jeff Rockwell, DC is a chiropractor, Canadian-trained osteopath, philosopher, poet and somatic educator, with a passionate interest in both the neuroscience and philosophical principles of manual therapy. A pioneer in brain-based manual therapy, Rockwell has been a popular teacher on the seminar circuit for the past twenty-five  years. Professor of Clinical Sciences at Parker University for many years, he is the author and producer of numerous manuals, books, and DVDs on neuro-manual therapies and somatic education. He is also the founder and co-director of the Institute of Manual Neuroscience in San Jose, California, and is the developer of Cypress Health Institute’s Craniosacral Therapy and NMT (Neuro-Manual) Therapy Programs in Santa Cruz.