Core Energy Balancing-Weekend Immersion with Joaquin Fioresi, February 9 & 10

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Somatic Core Energy Balancing; Weekend Immersion

with Joaquin Fioresi February 9th & 10th

25 Hour Course  (15 hrs live + 10 hrs Home Study/5 Practicums to complete)
The Etheric Element is an ultrasonic womb containing all of the elements. Working with Ether, you are working with all of the elements. It is the primary energy that builds and sustains all the others. Sound is the source of all that is created and destroyed. We deeply explore sound in this immersion. This session balances the sympathetic nervous system, which is the step down of the fire principle that governs vitality and drive.
Our reference book is Esoteric Anatomy the Body as Consciousness:
Etheric Element-The Ultrasonic Core-The Womb-Mother of all Elements “ The center line through the body is the location of the ultrasonic energy substance as the primary life current and the core of being. It is the primary force that sustains all others.

The soul is the essence of being and life in the body, and functions through the brain and the center of the spinal chord, to the end of the coccyx……The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic life force energies in our body. Through this neutral essence, the mind functions in and through matter as the light of intelligence (consciousness). Physical functions are stepped-down currents of this primary energy.” -Dr. Stone

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$445 tuition
module includes:
1 follow up, one on one call per module
Supporting supplemental materials, videos and audio clips.
Lifetime access to your teacher.

“I highly recommend Joaquin. He is knowledgeable, professional and has excellent people skills as well as being well respected in his industry. I like his approach so much I have decided to train under him and start my own practice. Best investment you’ll ever make in yourself! Five Stars!”

-James Merts