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Sanctuary of Sound; A Happy Healing Exploration for Women with Barbara Borden- July 16 & 30

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Empower Yourself: Disease Prevention and Healthy Living with Dr. Andrea Young, June 6, 7 pm

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Empower Yourself: Disease Prevention & Healthy Living Happy Hour and Health Seminar by Artís Health & Wellness + Sausalito Healing Arts Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM Sausalito Healing Arts  Join us to learn how to prevent illness by identifying and avoiding carcinogens, hormone disruptors and disease culprits in your daily life.  Nutritional choices and a healthy lifestyle can ward off cancer, cardiovascular disease and mental illness. This is your opportunity to become empowered and to easily implement healthy lifestyle modifications to achieve optimal health and vitality. Did...

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Vision Board Workshop with Kimberly Sherry; Sunday December 18

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The MOST IMPORTANT vision board workshop of the YEAR is happening THIS SUNDAY!! Are you aligned for a successful, rewarding, fulfilling and heartwarming NEW YEAR! 2017 is the year of the Red Fire Rooster…the sign of dawn and awakening, triumph and success! In what direction will you align yourself? Have you stopped having fun in your business and LIFE? Have you stopped dreaming about what is possible? You definitely need to take a break and raise your vibes to where all the fun and joy exist! Have you wondered what’s the big deal about vision boards? Come learn the FUN way of...

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EMF Balancing Technique- 4 Part Workshop Series next week with Nati Delson

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HAVE YOU BEEN FEELING THE NEED TO BE MORE GROUNDED AND FIND MORE ENERGY? Just as the earth has it’s own electromagnetic field (EMF), so do we. This field is also known as our etheric field, auric field, human energy field, luminous field in Q’ero tradition, universal calibration lattice etc.. The EMF Balancing Technique 4 part series will focus on: ~Balancing Mind and Heart ~Releasing Past Energies No Longer Needed & Activating Innate Potentials ~Accessing More Of Our Core Energy to Be More Present & Grounded ~Releasing Worries & Fears of the Future & Co-creating...

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Zen Thai Shiatsu Workshop; Partner Therapeutics with Anjuli and Alok, Friday Eve, November 4, 2016

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This rejuvenating evening workshop will culminate with a dynamic and nourishing ZenThai bodywork sequence that you’ll both give and receive with a partner.  Anjuli and Alok will take you through a warm-up journey of partner and group Contact Yoga exercises that will prepare our bodies and psyches to share healing touch. Within these practices, we will delve into the Metal (Fall) Element and explore specific exercises and bodywork techniques to balance the corresponding meridians. We will focus on letting and go and creating clarity in body and mind. This workshop is all-levels and...

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Crystal Healing Course with Laura Almada; Tuesdays in May

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The Crystal Series, with Energy Artist, Laura Almada Laura Almada is a Crystal Master, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and Energy Artist, with more than 25 years of experience studying and teaching integrated healing with crystals and minerals, as well as applying these techniques in clinical situations.  Laura’s Gemstone Energy mandalas can be found adorning the walls of hospitals, doctor’s offices, homes and healing centers, around the globe. In 2010, “The Great Heart Mandala” (Compassion), above, was purchased for permanent installation in the museum at HwaeOm Temple, the oldest Buddhist...

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